If you are interested to buy a carbon trike, part or accessories:

We are currently upgrading from the first generation CARBONTRIKES (Race, Race SL and Race Aero) to CT2.0 – Second Generation CARBONTRIKE. CT2.0 is most similar the old Race SL but upgraded in several areas and designed for much higher production rate, which will reduce the long delivery times we used to have.

We are also moving CARBONTRIKE from Sweden to United States, Florida. That will simplify the whole buying and shipping process for our main customers in United States.

Expect more information about the trike, parts and accessories including prices and details for how to buy the trike, shipping etc, before we start the trike business during spring 2023.

We will of course do everything we can to simplify the whole buying process and minimize barriers between you and the world's best trike!


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