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Please read before you mail, text or call:

We have currently limited time to answer e-mails or phone as we have to prioritize our move from Sweden to United States and setting up our new workshop in Florida (for address see below) to restart the trike business during spring 2023.

Even if this move temporary disturbs our customer support, will it in the end lead to several benefits for the same customers; shorter delivery times and much higher production capacity, better customer support and also cheaper and easier shipping (or even available direct at your local trike dealer).

Moving from snowy Sweden to sunny Florida will also in the end lead to better trikes for you riders as the year-round cycle season facilitates test cycling both during the functional and quality control we will do before sending the trikes and during product development of new trikes, parts and accessories.

Many of your questions will be answered when we start selling CT2.0 and publish more information about the trike, parts and accessories including prices and details for how to buy the trike, shipping etc.

We will also publish a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that hopefully will answer most of your questions.


Address to CARBONTRIKES Sweden:

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