Lars Viebke


Both CARBONTRIKE and Bacchetta have a long history with many successful events. The history was separate until 2017 when they started the Joint Venture BCT (Bacchetta-Carbontrike) together. BCT is now owned entirely by CARBONTRIKE LLC to keep running and develop the trike business.


  • CARBONTRIKE releases the updated CT2.0, with several new parts and a new assembly process to ensure the quality level you’re expecting from CARBONTRIKE. Every single CT2.0 is now assembled, adjusted, laser aligned and test ridden by trike specialists at CARBONTRIKE’s new facility in Florida, United States. This is the first true Second Generation CARBONTRIKE with a hologram sticker proving they are Assembled and Laser Aligned in USA


  • The pandemic ends and CARBONTRIKE restart moving from Sweden to United States
  • Lars Viebke starts CARBONTRIKE LLC in Florida – the company that will run the trike business in United States and take over from CARBONTRIKES Sweden, Bacchetta Bicycles and BCT Joint Venture
  • CARBONTRIKE sign a lease for a new premise only a few miles from Bacchetta’s old one in Pinellas Park, Florida, chare space with Carbonbike-USA – making the world´s best carbon fiber handcycles and wheel chairs
  • CARBONTRIKE develops several new parts and accessories for CT2.0, mainly 3D printed – utilize the latest technology


  • Bacchetta has to end their business due to the pandemic leading to shortage of bike parts. CARBONTRIKES Sweden buy-out Bacchetta from the Joint Venture and obtain the whole trike business. Bent Up Cycles in California buys Bacchetta´s recumbent bike business
  • CARBONTRIKE applies for an exemption from the US pandemic travel restrictions to continue the trike business in Florida but is refused – CARBONTRIKE can´t restart the move before the pandemic is over and the trike business has to be paused


  • The Corona Pandemic starts. The travel restrictions make it impossible for CARBONTRIKE move to United States or even be part of the trike business in Florida. Bacchetta keep on selling CT2.0 but without any trike specialist involved the quality suffer


  • CT2.0 is launched on the market. The trike is sold both online and through Bacchetta´s recumbent bike dealers
  • CT2.0 receives the most prestigious trike award in the world – Trike of the Year 2019, by BentRiderOnline
  • CARBONTRIKE starts the process moving from Sweden to Florida, United States, to work together with Bacchetta to make CARBONTRIKES available in large numbers directly on the US market
  • CTe – CARBONTRIKE electric – the world’s first carbon trike with electric assistance as well as the lightest electric trike in the world, is showed at CycleCon in Nashville. Unfortunately this trike model has to be canceled due to the pandemic


  • CT2.0 – the world´s first mass produced carbon race trike is released for pre orders at CycleCon in Nashville. The trike is immediately a big success – finally making the revolutionary CARBONTRIKE available in large numbers


  • Bacchetta Bicycles and CARBONTRIKES Sweden start the Joint Venture BCT (Bacchetta-Carbontrike) to develop the CARBONTRIKE for mass production and to move the trike business from Sweden to Florida, United States
  • BCT starts developing CT2.0 – the Second Generation CARBONTRIKE


  • CARBONTRIKES is officially the fastest trike in the world when Pekka Heimonen beat the 1-Hour World Speed Record
  • Kurt Searvogel beat the miles-bikes-in-a-year world record with Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2.0 riding 76,066 miles


  • Bacchetta Carbon Basso is voted Recumbent Bike of the Year 2015





  • CARBONTRIKES moves into the first premise in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Bacchetta releases the first carbon fiber recumbent bike for serial production – Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2.0
  • Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2.0 is voted Recumbent Bike of the Year 2010 by BentRiderOnline


  • Lars Viebke starts CARBONTRIKES Sweden to develop, produce and sell carbon fiber trikes
  • John Schlitter becomes the first person to complete RAAM (Race Across America) solo in the category recumbents using a Bacchetta Aero


  • Team ALS-Bacchetta wins RAAM (Race Across America) – the hardest bike race in the world


  • Bacchetta moves into the first premise in St Petersburg, Florida
  • Bacchetta releases the first recumbent bicycle. Bacchetta becomes fast one of the larges largest recumbent brands on the market. With all production in Taiwan is Bacchetta able to meet the high demand
  • Bacchetta releases the first titanium recumbent bike on the market – Bacchetta TI Aero


  • Mark Swanson and Mark Colliton starts Bacchetta Bicycles Inc in Florida, United States, to develop, produce and sell recumbent bikes


Many people have been involved during the years of development and production of CARBONTRIKES, but the most important one are presented below.


Stockholm, Sweden and Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States

Education, knowledge, skills and qualifications:
- Founder and owner of CARBONTRIKES Sweden and CARBONTRIKE LLC
- Master of Science in Mechanics and Lightweight construction
- Bachelor of Science in Product Development
- Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics
- Specialist in Construction of Carbon Fiber Parts
- Specialist in the Construction of Trikes and probably the best in the world designing carbon fiber trikes
- Great knowledge in Materials Science and Prototyping
- Former long-distance sailor with experience of rebuilding boats to cross oceans
- Former touring cyclist who has cycled through most countries in Europe

Area of responsibility or influence:
General manager for CARBONTRIKES Sweden and CARBONTRIKE LLC and leader during the whole design process, developing both the first generation CARBONTRIKES (Race, Race SL, Race Aero and various customized special models) and CT2.0 including all parts and accessories.


Stockholm, Sweden

Education, knowledge, skills and qualifications:
- Master of Science in Mechanics and Design
- Higher education in Industrial Design
- Industrial designer and CAD specialist in designing bikes and trikes
- Product developer specialized in carbon fiber constructions
- Project manager of Formula Student
- Great knowledge making prototypes and products in carbon fiber

Area of responsibility or influence:
Responsible for all industrial design and CAD of CT2.0.
Set up the production of CT2.0
Production and optimization of production of the first generation CARBONTRIKES.


Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States

Education, knowledge, skills and qualifications:
- Founder and former owner of Bacchetta Bicycles
- Serial entrepreneur who has started several successful companies
- Former US Army helicopter pilot

Area of responsibility or influence:
Initiator to CT2.0 and contact person with manufacturers and suppliers in the development of CT2.0. Absolutely crucial when CARBONTRIKE took the step from limited production of the first generation CARBONTRIKES to mass production of CT2.0. Also the main reason CARBONTRIKE is moving from Sweden to Florida.


Stockholm, Sweden

Education, knowledge, skills and qualifications:
- Technical journalist and Copywriter
- Organizer of fairs and events
- Former competition race cyclist

Area of responsibility or influence:
Main responsible for marketing and sales within CARBONTRIKES Sweden, as well as being part of the Research and Design of the first generation CARNONTRIKES and production. The main reason CARBONTRIKE has been focusing hard on weight and speed and the main reason CARBONTRIKES is the lightest and the fastest trike on the market today.

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